FIFTY MADE is a luxury brand fusing elemental streetwear with experimental avant-garde. The luxury collection sees fine Italian craftsmanship through organic, recycled, and bio-based materials.  In a new era of visionary fashion, every item is made in Italy and features a limited release of 50 pieces only — narrating a future of conscious consumerism.

Where are FIFTY MADE products made?

All FIFTY MADE products are made in Italy.

Is FIFTY MADE a subsidiary of The Giving Movement?

Yes – created by the team behind The Giving Movement, FIFTY MADE fuses its futuristic Dubai-based designs with refined Italian manufacturing and sustainable materials.

How do I know if FIFTY MADE products are authentic? Does FIFTYMADE guarantee the authenticity of all products sold?

Every piece from FIFTY MADE includes a verified authenticity card. Please check your item for the original card to ensure authenticity. Every FIFTY MADE piece is created, designed, and manufactured in-house through a design team based in Italy, and released in only 50 pieces per color.

How do I take care of FIFTY MADE fabrics? 

FIFTYMADE is crafted using premium materials that are kind to the environment. Kindly follow the instructions on the Product Care section on the product page to ensure longevity and quality.